Tutorial for the Deaf

Tutorial Classes: Those students with hearing impairment who need extra help are provided a tutor for their study using Sign Language as a medium of instruction.  The tutor’s role is to help the student throughout the course in their study. Students are also allowed to contact their tutor by telephone or by e-mail using Learn and Teach through Sign language (LTTS) a web based learning for any questions related to the course content at scheduled office hours. The course materials are also provided so that the students can study independently, when and where they like.  This program is also supplemented by face-to-face teachers present physically or via technology.  Tutorial is provided to those students who are appearing for secondary and senior secondary examinations or could not pass the same exam.

Remedial Teaching: Remedial Teaching (RT) is provided to those students with hearing impairment who need educational assisstance. These  childeren are  those who often function at a lower than average level because of a their degree of hearing loss, certain learning- or behavioural problem/disorder. . First dignosis is done to find out the problems of the students by observation, tests, and conversations; and then planning and executon of the planning is done as per the needs, learning style, strengths, aptitude and interest of the students with hearing impairment.