Speech & Language Therapy

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya recognizes the need for  providing quality clinical services to both children and adults with various disabilities in general and hearing impairment in particular. The speech therapy unit of Faculty of Disability and Special Education (FDMSE) is well equipped for the habilitation and rehabilitation of individuals with speech, language, communication disorders. Preliminary and extended evaluations are done to identify various disorders like stammering, cleft lip and palate, mental retardation, reading writing difficulties (learning disability), pronunciation difficulties (articulation), voice disorders like puberphonia and androphonia, autism spectrum disorders and also post stroke communication disorders. According to the findings such individuals are advised for speech therapy. Both group and individual therapy are provided on the basis of the requirement. Parents of the children residing outside Coimbatore are given demonstration therapy and training which will enable them to carry out the intervention at home. Monthly review is done for the same.
A pre- school is also run for children with hearing impairment which has group amplification system and speech trainer. Full time speech language pathologist and a special educator cater to the needs of individuals with communication disorders.
Referral services regarding audiological is also provided for those who require formal testing of hearing sensitivity.