Android App for Indian Sign language

Android App for Indian Sign language: Faculty of Disability Management and Special Education (FDMSE) of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University (RKMVU), Coimbatore in collaboration with C-DAC, Hyderabad has converted the existing General Sign Language Dictionary that has words used in daily life for communication as videos to an app with translation in 11 Indian languageswith financial support from CBM India Trust, Bangalore. It will be highly useful for those people with hearing impairment and others to communicate in sign language for promoting inclusion in the Banking industry.


Click on the below link to download the app as per your language
01) English
02) Hindi
03) Tamil
04) Telugu
05) Kannada
06) Bengali
07) Malayalam
08) Marathi
09) Gujarati
10) Oriya
11) Punjabi

FDMSE is a pioneer in disability rehabilitation, education and management. Under the department of Hearing Impairment of FDMSE, there is a Sign Language Unit which has been working for the promotion and development of Sign Language. The unit is offering many long term and short term courses for developing manpower in the field of education and rehabilitation of children with hearing impairment. Apart from academic function, the unit is actively involved in research and development of various aspects of Sign Language. The unit after a series of workshops conducted and participated by representatives of deaf community, their stakeholders across India released a General Indian Sign Language Dictionary that has words used in daily life for communication. The dictionary is in print, CD and online. Considering the requirement of present date, universalization of Indian Sign Language for persons with hearing impairment the dictionary is now translated into 11 Indian languages with the financial support of CBM India Trust, Bangalore. And, released as an App for public download as part of Digital India Initiative by C-DAC Hyderabad. The videos will be further upgraded and vocabulary improved.