The university has placement facility where the students with Hearing Impairment are placed in employment or motivated and guided for the self employment as per the condition.  The experience of learning through work in the work place at various institutions of Vidyalaya like Industrial Training Institute, Polytechnic, Agriculture or any factory, institutes etc. and at other places  and the special support given to learning in the workplace setting enables the students with hearing impairment to be contributory member of the society and independent. The placement facilities includes:

  • Exposure to work practice trough various activities of the institutes

  • Apprenticeship – The students are placed for systematic structured programme of developmental activities aimed at developing competency, capability, attitudes and values relevant to actual work situation under the guidance of supervisors.

  • Fulfilling a role – The students are placed fully and they have direct involvement in the work activities of the particular work context fulfilling a role involves taking on responsibility.

  • Finally the students with hearing impairment are helped and guided and helped for their placement in relatively permanent paid employment or self employment.